Roulette has been famous for several hundred years, and in its modern form, it was played in Paris in the 18th century. With the passage of time the game evolved and took a solid place in all modern casinos. A roulette wheel used to consist of 31 sectors, and now it consists of 37 sectors in Europe and 38 in the USA. So, your winning chances depend on which side of the Atlantic you play.

General information

In European roulette, the wheel consists of 37 sectors, numbered from 0 (zero) to 36, so your winning chances are higher than in the roulette version that has a large number of sectors (for example, in American roulette). Speaking about the Russian roulette game, it’s an extremely dangerous game where guns are used. Russian officers played real Russian roulette to show their courage, as losing equals dying in a Russian roulette game. 

As for the modern safe roulette, there is a betting table (instead of guns), which is divided into two parts – internal and external, and each of them can be used for certain types of bets. The internal part is designed to bet on individual numbers or groups of up to 6 numbers located next to each other in the betting table. The outer part is designed to bet on large or small numbers, even or odd, red or black (18 numbers each). 

How to play roulette

As we have previously mentioned, guns were used in the Russian roulette game. Understandably, nowadays nobody wants to risk their lives. So, a traditional version of roulette is enjoyed throughout the world. Let’s clarify how to play it. 

The first thing a player should rely on is fortune (similarly to real Russian roulette). Another factor that may change everything is strategy. Experienced players develop their own strategies, as they have years of experience, which makes it easier for them to predict possible results. Roulette has gained such demand among players because of its simple rules. The main task of a player is to guess a certain number of digits or their group in order to profit from the bet made.

Roulette rules look like the following algorithm:

  1. The value of the chip is determined.
  2. The bet is issued.
  3. The dealer launches a ball on the roulette wheel. One should wait for a few seconds until it stops, defining the number.
  4. If the bet has paid off, the user will receive a payment according to the table.
  5. After this, one can proceed to the next round of bets by repeating 4 previously described actions.

Despite the fact that the game of roulette looks quite simple, there are still many nuances, so without the knowledge of those, the participant is unlikely to succeed. 

Chips in Roulette

Regardless of which kind of roulette the user plays, you can’t do without chips. They are used by gamblers to make a bet. The value of a bet at the end of the draw will determine the winnings. We should also mention that casinos offer various chips denominations. So, it will not be difficult to choose the most optimal one.

Chips are used in casinos as a kind of currency. In fact, there are 7 different chip colors, each of those means a certain value. It is very convenient since the player will be able to intuitively determine on the eye what size of the bet he issued. An interesting fact is that in gambling houses the color of the roulette table cover coincides with the color of the chip. This is done so that the user can immediately determine which minimum bet is valid for a particular gaming place. Thus, an experienced user can make a decision in a second. If you are still interested in what is Russian roulette, there are no chips in this game. There are only guns and play with death. Nevertheless, this terrifying game inspired many people. For instance, there are many Russian roulette movies